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Kevin and Jim
Cyn and Chad Kelly
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Judith and Ellis
I had the good fortune of finding Judy a few years back when I wanted someone to do a baby blessing for my first son, Ian. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do but after a few minutes talking with Judy, I knew I had found a kindred spirit and we would figure it out together. Judy had an immediate feel for what would work for us and through her suggestions and experience we put together a beautiful ceremony that I will forever remember and be grateful for. When my second son, Kellen was born this past June, I immediately contacted Judy in order to arrange another blessing. Once again, Judy came through for us. It was a wonderful and memorable day.
Judy is not only very open and flexible when it comes to her work, she is also a patient, caring, and kind individual with a great generosity of spirit. I truly feel blessed that she has touched our lives in such a special way. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
-- Amy Foster
Judy, we are so happy that we found you to officiate at our wedding ceremony. Your down to earth outlook and open-armed heart made our day so special. Our families thought you were just great!
-- Shirley and Dave
We traveled from Georgia to Connecticut to be married and found Judy online. After a few phone conversations and email exchanges, the day finally came for us to travel to Connecticut to be married. As we were out-of-towners and unfamiliar with the area, Judy suggested a beautiful location. Even though we were meeting Judy for the first time, it felt like she was an old family friend.
Judy’s warmth and kindness made us so comfortable. Judy made our ceremony so special. Taking what she had learned about us from phone conversations and emails, Judy delivered a ceremony that was very personal and felt tailored just for us. We would highly recommend Judy to any couple looking to be married. She is wonderful and we are grateful for the memories she helped us create on our wedding day.
-- Aaron and Chris
Thank you so much for officiating at our Civil Union ceremony...but more importantly for bringing a presence of peace to share with us on our special day. It was everything we could have asked for, and more. It was a true reflection of who we are and what we believe. We are so fortunate to have had you in such an important role on a day we will remember for all of our lives. So many of our friends and family members have remarked on what a lovely and unique ceremony we had; and what a wonderful job you did officiating and making everyone feel they were truly a part of our ceremony. Thank you for your support and for making us feel so at ease.
-- Love, Kevin and Jim
Dear Judy,

There are so many days I am thankful for having met you. I learned really important things while going to our sessions that have changed my life for the better. My life is grand and I thank you for pointing out so many signposts to this destination.
-- J.M.
Hi Jude-
Chad and I want to thank you again for such a wonderful ceremony. So many people enjoyed meeting you and talking to you. You were a fan of many. It was magical. You helped make us both feel so comfortable and confident. Thank you again!
-- Cyn and Chad Kelly
For over ten years through the challenges and trials of my own spiritual journey, I have turned to Judy's wise counsel (and counseling). Her humor, compassion and pragmatism have ever colored the layers of healing that I continue to experience. More than anything, Judy is a healer with a capital "H." Never pushing too hard, she always encourages a shedding of those filters that block the Light. In her focus on best serving her clients, she has created a most unique and effective technique for helping and healing.
-- Catherine
Thank you, Judy, for being part of our Perfect wedding day! Your support and guidance was appreciated throughout the process of planning our ceremony. Your encouragement in crafting our ceremony to truly be a reflection of US helped us to get creative and think outside the box of a traditional wedding ceremony. Many thanks again and again for providing us with the resources, ideas, and support to make our celebration truly special and truly our own!
-- Lisa and Travis
Dear Judy,
A friend who has cancer asked how it was that F. could have such a positive attitude (and how it really prolonged her life). I thought seeing you made a huge difference for and for our family. We thank you so very much.
-- B. and Family
We celebrated our Civil Union Commitment Ceremony over Labor Day Weekend, 2006. It was our good fortune that close friends recommended Judy Peluso to officiate our ceremony. Judy took the time to meet with us and get to know us well in advance, and provided us with many ideas and options for the ceremony. She was knowledgeable, flexible, and sincerely excited about our upcoming event. As with anything, the proof is in the pudding and both Judy and our ceremony were a smashing success. Judy was articulate, sincere, and humorous. She paved the way for a glorious afternoon of celebration, and delivered exactly what we had hoped for. Our guests raved about Judy and many asked us for her card so that they could keep her in mind for the future.
We wholeheartedly recommend Judy … you can’t go wrong.
-- Gary Miller and Luiz Cordeiro
Judy, We are so pleased with our ceremony. We felt so comfortable with you and you id a fantastic job of expressing what we wanted to capture in the readings. We had so many people comment on how wonderful you were and how beautiful the ceremony was. We feel the same way. We are truly grateful that we found you and that you were able to help us create the perfect ceremony for us.
-- Karen and Sandy
It was really special having you marry us ~ so much more meaningful than some anonymous official. Thanks to your website, we were able to connect with someone we resonated with on many levels. You have been so helpful throughout the whole process and we very much appreciate the extra effort you’ve put into making this day happen for us.
-- Bright Blessings, Jenna and Worth
Thank you so very much for making our wedding so special and great. You made the ceremony so easy and light-hearted and that’s just what Scott and I wanted.
Our families could not stop raving about you! It meant a lot to Scott and I that we were able to have our ceremony the way we wanted it. Thank you!
-- Lots of love, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hanson
We want to thank for making our wedding day so special, meaningful and significant. We will always treasure the memory of that day and the thoughtful ceremony that you prepared for us.
-- Peace always, Clare and Sharon
Judy was a wonderful Officiator. We met early in the summer, well before the wedding, to discuss our vision and she listened, actively and well, to all we had to say about what the ceremony meant to us and how we arrived there. Soon after that first meeting, she provided a wonderful array of readings for us to choose from. They were clearly hand-selected and based on the thoughts we shared. We were moved by her thoughtfulness and how well she seemed to understand us. The wedding itself was beautiful. We felt represented by the vows and were moved by the readings. Judy was a big part of why the day was filled with such love and joy. It was a please to have Judy as a Justice of the Peace. She is kind and decisive; sincere and intuitive; articulate and generous. We feel very fortunate to have found her.
-- Coriel Gaffney and Juan Aboites
Judy Martone Peluso has a gift for creating ceremonies that are deeply sacred, emotionally powerful, and warmly personal. She was a joy to work with before the wedding, offering lots of ideas and suggestions, and beautifully integrated our own ideas and desires to create a wedding ceremony that was just perfect for us. On the actual wedding day, her presence was calming and at the same time celebratory. She wonderfully created a sacred space, which held our family and friends in a place filled with love and light. We’ll never forget it!
-- Judith and Ellis